The Why framework: the creative pathways matrix
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Each of these pathways is illustrated with a different case or 'recipe' • The Beatles - four young men found shared purpose in making music, but as their band grew, their why's and creative paths diverged • Ben and Jerry's - a series of happy accidents led to the emergence of a successful business, but Ben and Jerry decided to step away on an 'exit ramp' • Papi Jiang - after a rapid rise on Chinese social media, this 'young woman of beauty and talent' decided not to build on her success as an online influencer • MC Hammer - often dismissed as a commercialised 'sell-out', young Stanley Burrell plotted new eclectic creative path which others would later follow • Diego Maradona - the world's greatest footballer found himself trapped by his success in the city which initially nurtured his creative genius • The Operational Hijab - a project to make a hijab for the New Zealand police was successful, the creators then leased their IP to others as a 'creative good'.