Elgar Advanced Introduction to International Investment Law

August 11, 2020

The Elgar Advanced Introduction to International Investment Law is now available on the Elgar Advanced Introductions: Law platform, at www.advancedintros.com.

August Reinisch gives a broad overview of the entire field of international investment law that has emerged as an important subfield of international economic law over the last decades. As a result of the boom of investment arbitration since the late 1990s, core questions of the substantive treatment of foreign investors are analysed. Combining an academic and a practical perspective, this book has been written to provide an introduction to investment law for lawyers, political scientists, economists as well as those interested in international relations.

Written from a public international lawyer’s perspective, this Advanced Introduction gives a broad overview of international investment law (IIL), explaining core concepts of investment protection, their evolution, and how investment tribunals have interpreted them. It examines the main features of the prevailing investment dispute settlement system and takes into account historic antecedents and possible future developments. August Reinisch facilitates easy access to the field by putting international investment law into its broader historical, political and legal context. The title is accessible for subscribing institutions here.

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