Endorsements for Elgaronline

November 1, 2013

 'Elgar books are must have for a leading business school library. Elgaronline is must have for Elgar books. It increases their value facilitating full text discovery and access for faculty and students alike.'
– Jönköping University, Sweden

'We are very happy with our experience with Elgaronline. The platform is intuitive and well designed with a clear understanding of academic use, including DRM free chapters and unlimited concurrent users. The Edward Elgar staff are very helpful and continue to be a pleasure to work with.'
– Kirsten Francis, Electronic Resources Librarian, Monash University Library, Australia

'Elgaronline, at last an online platform that is as good as the publisher behind it'.
– Librarian, Eurofound, Dublin

'Elgaronline is a user-friendly online database that offers a range of general and reference content. Like other recent online social science platforms, it offers a variety of ways to browse and search its content.’
– L. C. Gordon, Choice