We have a growing list of international scholarly journals:


Journal of Human Rights and the Environment
Editor in Chief: Anna Grear
Managing Editor: Julia Dehm
Editors: Evadne Grant, Louis Kotzé, Stephen J. Humphreys
Assistant Editors: Joshua C. Gellers, Margherita Pieraccini, and Dinah Shelton

Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property
The only IP journal with an Impact Factor in the SSCI
Editor in Chief: Johanna Gibson
Consultant Editor: Lord Hoffmann

Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law
Editors: Tim Stephens and Ed Couzens
Associate Editors: Saiful Karim and Manuel Solis

Cambridge International Law Journal
Editors-in-Chief: Eirini Kikarea and Maayan Menashe

Interactive Entertainment Law Review
Editors: Gaetano Dimita, Jon Festinger and Marc Mimler

Competition Law Journal
Consultant Editor: The Hon Mr Justice Roth
Editors: Sarah Long, Andrew North and Matthew O'Regan


Review of Keynesian Economics 
Indexed in the SSCI since 2015
Co-editors: Thomas Palley, Matías Vernengo

European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention
Editors: Stefan Ederer, Eckhard Hein, Marc Lavoie, Torsten Niechoj and Gennaro Zezza

Management and Leadership Studies

Leadership and the Humanities
Editor in Chief: Michael Harvey
Associate Editors: Antonio Marturano and Terry L. Price
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