Economics & Finance

Our Economics and Finance list boasts a unique blend of quality, original and cutting-edge publications by leading scholars in the field. International in scope, we publish across an array of disciplinary perspectives and topics, including both traditional and pioneering areas of research. Comprising research monographs, handbooks and advanced textbooks, the breadth and scope of the list will offer something for everyone.

We offer several eBook collections in Economics and Finance on Elgaronline. Our DRM-free eBooks are valuable tools for student and faculty researchers – on or off campus. Because they allow for unlimited simultaneous users they are also ideal for course readings. These comprehensive collections contain monographs, research handbooks and other reference works published from 1994 through 2020.

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Key Features include:

  • Perpetual access model
  • Designed for leading academic libraries to work with current acquistion work flow and library systems
  • DRM free - downloading, printing, course packs allowed


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