Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law offers the most comprehensive and authoritative scholarly assessment of the field available.

The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law is a landmark reference work, providing definitive and comprehensive coverage of this dynamic field. The Encyclopedia is organised into 12 volumes around top-level subjects – such as: water, energy and climate change – that reflect some of the most pressing issues facing us today. Each volume probes the key elements of law, the essential concepts, and the latest research through concise, structured entries written by international experts. Each entry includes an extensive bibliography as a starting point for further reading. The mix of authoritative commentary and insightful discussion will make this an essential tool for research and teaching, as well as a valuable resource for professionals and policymakers. The electronic edition features a specially-designed interface, powerful search, and direct linking to references. With unrestricted campus-wide access, it is the ideal choice for libraries.

Climate Change Law - edited by Daniel A. Farber and Marjan Peeters  - Available on line
Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law - edited by Jona Razzaque and Elisa Morgera
Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Law - edited by Lee Paddock, David L. Markell and Nicholas Bryner
Policy Instruments in Environmental Law - edited by Kenneth R. Richards and Josephine Van Zeben
Water Law - edited by Joseph W. Dellapenna
Trade and Environmental Law - edited by Panagiotis Delimatsis and Emily Reid
Chemicals and the Law - edited by Lucas Bergkamp and Adam Abelkop
Principles of Environmental Law - edited by Ludwig Krämer and Emanuela Orlando
Multilateral Environmental Treaties - edited by Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Attila Tanzi and Angeliki Papantoniou
Human Rights and Environmental Law
Energy and Environmental Law

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