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Book review: Carlin, Wendy and David Soskice (2015): Macroeconomics: Institutions, Instability, and the Financial System, Oxford, UK (638 pages, softcover, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-965579-3)
Marc Lavoie
Volume 12, Issue 1

Three decades of modelling Minsky: what we have learned and the way forward
Maria Nikolaidi
Volume 14, Issue 2

Interview with Henri Sterdyniak: 'I see myself as an empirical Keynesian'
Conducted by Achim Truger and Marc Lavoie
Volume 14, Issue 3


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Post-keynesian macroeconomics since the mid 1990s: Main developments
Eckhard Hein
Volume 14, Issue 2

The origins and evolution of the debate on wage-led and profit-led regimes
Marc Lavoie
Volume 14, Issue 2

Is high employment in the eurozone possible? Some reflections on the institutional structure of the eurozone and its crisis
Mario Seccareccia
Volume 14, Issue 3

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On 08 March, 2018, the influential post-Keynesian economist Basil Moore passed away. In 2010, EJEEP published an interview with him, which sheds light on Basil Moore's vita and the cornerstones of his thinking.

Forum: "We are all Horizontalists now!" Interview with Basil Moore
Interview conducted by Eckhard Hein and Torsten Niechoj
Volume 7, Issue 1


Free articles

In every EJEEP issue, at least one article is free to access. This includes:

The IMF and the New Fiscalism: was there a U-turn?
Brett Fiebiger and Marc Lavoie
Volume 14, Issue 3

Post-Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium theory
Roger E.A. Farmer
Volume 14, Issue 2

A proposal for a federalized unemployment insurance mechanism for Europe
Leila E. Davis, Charalampos Konstantinidis and Yorghos Tripodis
Volume 14, Issue 1

The debate over 'Thirlwall's law': balance-of-payments-constrained growth reconsidered
Robert A. Blecker
Volume 13, Issue 3

Policies to overcome stagnation: the crisis, and the possible futures, of all things euro
Mark Blyth
Volume 13, Issue 2

The blind spots of trade impact assessment: macroeconomic adjustment costs and the social costs of regulatory change
Werner Raza, Bernhard Tröster and Rudi von Arnim
Volume 13, Issue 1

All issues older than two years are free to access, indicated by a green dot.


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