Sociology, Social Policy & Education

Sociology, Social Policy & Education

Our Sociology and Social Policy list showcases cutting-edge publications which are original, comparative and international in outlook. We are proud to publish in all areas of sociology, social policy, social work and social psychology. We encourage critical, innovative and thought-provoking approaches to analysing and explaining trends and new developments. Comprising monographs, concise overviews, and state-of-the-art reference works such as our acclaimed Research Handbooks and Encyclopedia, the breadth of the list makes it highly accessible and appealing to everyone.

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eBook Collections

Major Annual Subject Collections

Each collection includes all reference works, scholarly monographs, Research Handbooks and companions published in that subject in a calendar year. Click on the link below for booklists.

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Book total: 86 57 42 27 27 19 19 139

Essentials Collections

We have used citation, sales, and Elgaronline usage data to curate these collections of titles that have stood the test of time in key areas of our list. Featuring wide ranges of topics and written by geographically and ideologically diverse selections of our authors, these are essential collections for libraries building well-rounded and comprehensive collections.

Essentials in Climate Change
Booklist available here.

Essentials in Education Policy
Booklist available here.

Essentials in Sociology
Booklist available here.

Essentials in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility
Booklist available here.

Essentials in Social Policy
Booklist available here.

Essentials in UN Sustainable Development Goals
Booklist available here.

Subject Specific Collections

These collections include monographs, Handbooks, dictionaries, research reviews, companions and encyclopedia. Click on the links below for booklists.

AI & Disruptive Technology

Comparative Social Policy & Welfare

Development Studies

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

Health & Well-being Indigenous Studies Migration & Citizenship

Social Justice


UN Sustainable Development Goals



Our authoritative Handbooks comprise specially commissioned, peer-reviewed, original chapters offering comprehensive analyses of each topic. Our Handbooks are unique in their research focus and, in many cases, the cross-disciplinary nature of the topics. Click on the links below for booklists.

Social Policy & Sociology Handbooks

UN Sustainable Development Goals Handbooks