Editorial Information

Editor in Chief

Johanna Gibson, Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary University of London

Consultant Editor

Lord Hoffmann, Honorary Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary University of London

Editorial Board

The outstanding quality of the editorial team and distinguished international advisory board ensures that this journal makes an important contribution to expanding critical and intellectual debate in the scholarship of intellectual property law, policy and development.

  • Professor Martin J. Adelman, Theodore and James Pedas Family Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law, George Washington University, USA
  • Professor Michael Blakeney, The University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Professor Kathy Bowrey, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Professor Irene Calboli, Singapore Management University School of Law, Singapore
  • Professor Carlos Correa, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Professor Manuel Desantes, Professor of Private International Law, University of Alicante, Spain
  • Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, Global Professor of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, USA
  • Professor Abraham Drassinower, Chair in the Legal, Ethical and Cultural Implications of Technological Innovation, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Professor Rochelle Dreyfuss, Pauline Newman Professor of Law, New York University, USA
  • Professor Susy Frankel, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • Professor Christophe Geiger, CEIPI, University of Strasbourg, France
  • Professor Gustavo Ghidini, University of Milan and Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy
  • Professor Frederik Willem Grosheide, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Professor Hugh Hansen, Fordham University, USA
  • Professor Chris Huang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • The Rt Hon Professor Sir Robin Jacob, Sir Hugh Laddie Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University College, London, UK
  • Professor Phillip Johnson, Cardiff University, UK
  • Professor Ioannis Kokkoris, Chair in Law and Economics, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
  • Professor Hector MacQueen, Professor of Private Law, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Professor Vytautas Mizaras, Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Professor Sam Ricketson, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Professor Janis Rozenfelds, University of Latvia, Latvia
  • Professor Brad Sherman, Griffith University, Australia
  • Professor Peter Yu, Professor of Law and Co-Director, Center for Law and Intellectual Property, Texas A&M University School of Law, USA

Book Reviews Editor

Shane Burke, Cardiff University, UK (Burkes3@cardiff.ac.uk)