Forthcoming Issue

Volume 15, Issue 2 (Sept 2018)

Table of Contents


Obituary: Basil J. Moore (1933-2018)
Louis-Philippe Rochon

Special Forum on Unconventional Monetary Policy

Editorial to the Special Forum on Unconventional Monetary Policy
Marc Lavoie

Unconventional monetary policy: between the past and future of monetary economics
Mattia Guerini, Francesco Lamperti, and Andrea Mazzocchetti

Some reflections on inflation targeting, monetary-fiscal policy interactions and unconventional monetary policies
Jean-Luc Gaffard, Mauro Napoletano and Stefano Battiston

Unconventional monetary policies, with a focus on quantitative easing
Marc Lavoie and Brett Fiebiger

ECB monetary expansions and Euro area Target2 imbalances: A balance-of-payment based decomposition
Marcello Minenna, Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini

Proceedings of the 21th FMM conference

Editorial to the Proceedings
Jan Behringer, Sebastian Gechert, Hansjörg Herr, Heike Joebges, and Andrew Watt

Alternative economic policy under a regime with inflation targeting, primary surpluses and a floating exchange rate: an analysis for developing economies
Ricardo Ramalhete Moreira

Forms of Globalisation: from 'capitalism unleashed' to a global green new deal
Jonathan Michie

Three globalizations, not two: Rethinking the history and economics of trade and globalization
Thomas I. Palley

Global instability and the development project: Is the 21st century different?
Barbara Fritz, Luiz F. de Paula and Daniela M. Prates

Underdevelopment and unregulated markets – Seven reasons why unregulated markets reproduce underdevelopment
Hansjörg Herr

Diversity and the dynamics of capitalism
Bruno Amable