Forthcoming Issue

Volume 16, Issue 1 (April 2019)

Table of Contents


Interview with Jan Priewe
Eckhard Hein and Torsten Niechoj


From the European Monetary Union to a Eurobancor: A stock flow consistent assessment
Jacques Mazier and Sebastian Valdecantos

Special Issue on empirical SFC models

Editorial to the Special Issue
Gennaro Zezza

The macroeconomic effects of migrants' remittances in Moldova: A stock-flow consistent model
Edwin Le Heron and Nicolas Yol

From abstract to concrete: Some tips to develop an empirical SFC model
Marco Veronese Passarella

Crises and capital controls in small open economies: A Stock-Flow Consistent (SFC) approach
Hamid Raza, Bjorn Runar Gudmundsson, Gylfi Zoega and Mikael Randrup Byrialsen

On the design of empirical stock-flow-consistent models
Francesco Zezza and Gennaro Zezza

Book Review

Sawyer, Malcolm (2018): Can the Euro be Saved?, Cambridge/Malden (MA) (138 pages, Polity Press, softcover)
Reviewed by Marc Lavoie