Forthcoming Issue

Volume 15, Issue 3 (Dec 2018)

Table of Contents



Interview with Robert A. Blecker: ‘People will come searching for us post-Keynesians if the political atmosphere is encouraging’
Eckhard Hein and Marc Lavoie

Obituary: Fernando José Cardim de Carvalho (1953–2018)
Fernando Ferrari Filho


Arguments for austerity, old and new: the British Treasury in the 1920s and the Bundesfinanzministerium in the 2010s
Fernando J. Cardim de Carvalho

Does fiscal consolidation promote economic growth and employment? Evidence from the PIIGGS countries
Philip Arestis, Ayşe Kaya and Hüseyin Şen

Capital account regulation as part of the macroeconomic regime: comparing Brazil in the 1990s and 2000s
Barbara Fritz and Daniela Magalhães Prates

Macroeconomic effects of unemployment benefits in small open economies: a stock–flow consistent approach
Mikael Randrup Byrialsen and Hamid Raza

Germany’s brake on European capital-market development
John Grahl and Photis Lysandrou

Book Review

Fischer, Lilian, Joe Hasell, J. Christopher Proctor, David Uwakwe, Zach Ward-Perkins and Catriona Watson (eds) (2018): Rethinking Economics: An Introduction to Pluralist Economics, London, UK and New York, NY, USA (141 pages, Routledge, softcover)
Reviewed by Marc Lavoie