Forthcoming Issue ToC

Volume 17, Issue 1 (Sept 2018)

Table of Contents

Sir Peter Roth

Sarah Long, Molly Herron, Matthew O'Regan and Andrew North


Brexit and State Aid Control: Four Quartets
Andrea Biondi

More Intel Unlockd on the Territorial Limits of EU Competition Law
Edward Coulson and Andrew Leitch

Where do we stand after Coty?
Yves Bottemans and Daniel Barrio Barrio

Recent Developments in the Assessment of Telecom Mergers in the European Union
Pinar Bagci, Lucrezio Figurelli and Pedro L. MarĂ­n

CMA Focus

OECD Competition Committee Best Practice Roundtable - Algorithms and collusion: United Kingdom Submission
Simon Constantine and Vian Quitaz

Economic Focus

Leveraging market power online: the Google Shopping case
Andres Caro

Book Review

The EU Merger Regulation, Substantive Issues (5th Edition, Sweet & Maxwell, London)
Reviewed by Alistair Lindsay and Alison Berridge