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January 2018

Economics 2018
Law 2018
Social and Political Science 2018
Business 2018
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2018


Economics 2017
Law 2017
Social and Political Science 2017
Business 2017
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2017


Economics 2016
Business 2016
Law 2016
Social and Political Science 2016
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2016


Economics 2015
Business 2015
Law 2015
Social and Political Science 2015
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2015


Economics 2014
Business 2014
Law 2014
Social and Political Science 2014
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2014


Economics 2013
Business 2013
Law 2013
Social and Political Science 2013
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2013


Economics 2012
Business 2012
Law 2012
Social and Political Science 2012
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2012


Economics 2011
Business 2011
Law 2011
Social and Political Science 2011
Business and Management Handbook Subscription 2011

2010 and before

Economics 2010 and before
Business 2010 and before
Law 2010 and before
Social and Political Science 2010 and before
Business and Management Handbook Subscription  2010 and before


Other MARCs
Open Access Titles
Encyclopedia of Private International Law
Elgar Encyclopedia of International Economic Law
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics: Second Edition
Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law

List of MARC Records