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Ágnes Kövér

This chapter analyzes the challenges encountered by clinical legal education (CLE) as a new methodology of legal education in a traditional law school. CLE indisputably combines educational and social ends in win–win relations. This concept incorporates practical experience, concomitant skill enhancement and a critical approach into law students’ university training. The praxis serves the higher understanding of law and the legal profession, as well as the social needs relating to remedying deficiencies of legal services. The chapter attempts to understand the structural and institutional pitfalls which resulted in repudiating the incorporation of clinics into the organizational structure of the law school. CLE faced multiple adversities when it sought to increase teaching and learning opportunities that extend elitist university goals toward a broadened mission of enhancing social justice. The chapter highlights the determinative role of the law school in the production of loyal elites, and points out the fragility of the independence and autonomy of tertiary education.

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Ágnes Kövér and Gaby Franger

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University and Society

Interdependencies and Exchange

Edited by Ágnes Kövér and Gaby Franger

What role can the university play in the broader community or society in which it is embedded? Must it remain segregated in the halls of science and knowledge, which tower above the community? This book examines the growing number of questions and concerns around university-community relations by exploring widely accepted theories and practices and placing them under new light.