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Ana Cristina Campos Marques

The mainstream media focuses on mass dissemination of chaos on sustainability in every corner of the planet. From local to global pollution, poverty, corruption, conflicts and catastrophes. There are so many challenges that it seems that chaos has taken hold of the world, and that the next step is simply the collapse of human society along with the destruction of the planet’s natural systems. However, there is also a different narrative emerging from society worldwide. It seems like a silent evolution, with innovative and inclusive narratives on sustainability. This silent evolution is not printed on the covers of newspapers and is not widely disseminated in scientific journals. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to shed light on these emerging narratives and to understand its pattern. To do so, this study draw upon complexity and chaos theories. The author started the study by interviewing sustainability experts and change makers. Based on these initial insights, she broadened the research through analysing information about these narratives worldwide. She then found some patterns in these narratives and proposed a main one, which she called the social attractor. Finally, through the emerging patterns, the author reflects on a research agenda to tackle the sustainability challenge in innovative and inclusive ways.