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Audhesh Paswan, María de los Dolores Santarriaga Pineda and Francisco Carlos Soto Ramirez

Although the notion of a franchisor being an entrepreneur is generally accepted in the franchising field, little research has been done to investigate how and why entrepreneurs become franchisors, especially in emerging markets. Using a qualitative approach (subjective personal introspection) this chapter investigates the evolution of a homegrown entrepreneur-franchisor in Mexico. Specifically, this chapter tries to understand the challenges faced by local entrepreneur-franchisor on their journey towards becoming a significant player in this market. The resultant emerging themes corroborate resource constraint theory, agency theory, and the institutional learning perspective. Finally, this chapter traces an evolutionary path of a local entrepreneur-franchisor and some of the unique factors that influence this evolution in Mexico.

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C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Adam Lindgreen, Torsten Ringberg, In collaboration with Audhesh Paswan, Laura Peracchio, David Luna, Peter Naudé, Rod Brodie, John Nicholson, Markus Reihlen, Matthew Robson, Ken Peattie and Hans Baumgartner

This chapter discusses the issues and challenges of Ph.D. student supervision. Several academic colleagues with much experience in Ph.D. supervision were asked to contribute their thoughts on this important task. We present the tasks of supervision, including how these may be adapted depending on student characteristics such as extent of managerial experience. Then we explore the challenges faced by Ph.D. students, and discuss how these can be addressed. Following that, we examine the role of the supervisor in helping build student capabilities in publishing and teaching. Furthermore, we address the benefits of taking on supervisory responsibility. In the conclusion, the co-authors of this chapter provide retrospectives on their own experiences as Ph.D. supervisors.

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Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, In collaboration with Maja Arslanagić-Kalajdžić, Ad de Jong, Stephan Henneberg, Kristian Möller, John Nicholson, Mark Parry, Audhesh Paswan, Gerrit van Bruggen, Joëlle Vanhamme and Chun Zhang

This chapter discusses what reviewers are looking for when they make comments and suggestions on the manuscripts they receive for review. Contributors responded to an open invitation to reflect on the review process: what do they look for in each part of a manuscript (from introduction to conclusions), what are the mistakes that authors sometimes make, and what advice do they have to authors preparing their manuscripts for submission. Contributors also provided several overall comments on writing style, on making a good first impression, and on the need to address reviewer comments thoroughly in a revision. The chapter complements earlier materials about writing and revising manuscripts, as it presents the perspectives of several experienced and respected reviewers, and provides insights on specifically what satisfies or frustrates them when reviewing manuscripts.