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Rikke Frank Jørgensen, Cathrine Bloch Veiberg and Niels ten Oever

The diverse nature of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and the distributed architecture of the internet results in the various ways in which the business activities of the sector intersect with human rights. This chapter explores the role of human rights impact assessment (HRIA) in the ICT sector, presents a concrete case study, and discusses some of the lessons learned from practice. The chapter provides an overview of how human rights are relevant to the sector, including examples of adverse human rights impacts and of different types of human rights analyses performed in the sector. It then considers a concrete HRIA case study, targeting a top-level country code domain name registry in the Netherlands. The final part of the chapter draws on the case study to highlight and discuss some of the key issues and challenges for conducting HRIA in relation to domain name providers.

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Cathrine Bloch Veiberg, Gabriela Factor and Jacqueline R. Tedaldi

This chapter examines the selection, design and use of indicators to measure project-level human rights impacts. Generally, literature has focused on human rights indicators from the perspective of the state. More recently, there has been a movement towards measuring and reporting initiatives that address the impact of business on human rights. However, these initiatives often lack the ability to measure actual outcomes at the project level. This chapter considers how the application of indicators in human rights impact assessment (HRIA) may be useful at the project level to measure outcomes. The chapter explores the role of different types of indicators and how they can be used at various stages of the HRIA process, as well as how lessons from other fields of impact assessment might improve the use of indicators in HRIA. The chapter concludes with a discussion on dilemmas and opportunities for improving the use of human rights indicators in impact assessment.