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Shannon O’Lear, Simon Dalby, Corey Johnson and Stacy D. VanDeveer

This final chapter returns to the overarching theme of environmental geopolitics research and provides a recap of the content chapters. The different methodologies and focal points of the contributed chapters demonstrate different ways to design and conduct environmental geopolitics research. The chapter offers commentary on the urgent need for this subfield of research given the rapidly changing environmental circumstances that human activity has caused. Just as environmental features are not fixed, geopolitical features such as states, boundaries, and power dynamics among different groups of people are also dynamic. Although ideas of borders, borders between “here” and “there,” or between “us” and “them,” tend to be fixed, the chapter encourages readers to question the idea of a border between humans and an external environment. Rather than view “the” environment as a threat or something to be managed, it is helpful to understand how many of the human systems embedded in modernity are actually the threat not only to environmental features but also to ourselves. Therefore, this chapter argues, it is worthwhile to “see” how power is embedded in mainstream and familiar discourses about environmental processes and change. Not only are some views and interests stabilized by dominant trends, but other voices and interests are sidelined or silenced. The chapter closes by offering constructive approaches to interpreting and challenging discourses in mainstream media, policy debates, scholarly efforts, and day-to-day patterns of consumption and citizenship.