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Dora Kostakopoulou

In the domain of politics, trial and error are frequent occurrences. Through trial and error we tend to discover that political decisions, policy choices and even customary ways of doing things are no longer sustainable and thus in need of revision. There is nothing wrong in recognising mistakes or misjudgements and changing course. The doors of perception are not always fully open for human beings; information asymmetries, errors of judgement, ideological standpoints and self-interest often lead individuals to poor visualisations of the future and thus to imprudent actions.

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Dora Kostakopoulou and Anastasia Tataryn

The chapter explores the relationship between objects and conditioning events, and the idea of an ingression of an object into an event. Taken from natural sciences, this idea can also be fruitfully applied to political life. The example of this is the transformation of a homo subjectus into a homo objectus through a conditioning event. This process is illustrated with a number of case studies that affected the citizenship and other statuses of people. The chapter discusses the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (‘Brexit’) as an example of such a conditioning event. Keywords: Brexit, citizenship, irregularity, subject, object, conditioning event