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Geert te Boveldt, Koen Van Raemdonck and Cathy Macharis

Many contemporary policy issues require cooperation between institutions. Yet, cooperation is often hampered by problems including political transaction costs and the non-internalisation of externalities. The chapter presents a novel evaluation and group decision-making method, Competence-based Multi Criteria Analysis (COMCA), which is a framework for applying Multi Criteria Decision Aid in a multi-actor, multi-level context. For each actor the desirability of different decision alternatives is derived from the actor’s individual criteria and priorities. Individual actor results are aggregated with those of other actors that have the same role in the decision’s implementation, yielding insight into the desirability of the decision alternatives for each of the groups whose support is needed for the decision’s implementation. The chapter shows how COMCA can be applied to overcome typical hurdles in inter-institutional cooperation by revealing policy options that are feasible considering the actors’ competence to make or break a decision, from local or global perspectives.

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Geert te Boveldt, Imre Keseru and Cathy Macharis

Geert te Boveldt, Imre Keseru and Cathy Macharis discuss the use of greater participatory approaches in transport appraisal, specifically through the application of Competence-based Multi Criteria Analysis (COMCA). This allows the use of multi-actor viewpoints where different actors have varied roles, tasks or levels of responsibility. The Brussels North-South railway corridor is used as a case study, with project options rated against a do-nothing alternative.