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Howard J. Klein and Hee Man Park

In this chapter we examine the affective outcomes of the various workplace commitments an employee may hold. We begin by reviewing the role of affect in historical and current conceptualizations of commitment because the affective outcomes of commitment depend in part on how commitment is conceptualized and the extent to which commitment is viewed to contain affective elements. After exploring the extent to which affective concepts are implicitly or explicitly included in prior and current conceptualizations, we review the extant literature and summarize the available theory (for example, Affective Events Theory) and research examining the effects of commitments on affect-related constructs. Those constructs include job satisfaction, well-being, and motivation, as well as negative and positive affect, mood, emotions, and other affective experiences. We conclude by identifying a future research agenda for better incorporating advancements in affect-related research into commitment scholarship and furthering our understanding of those relationships.

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Howard J. Klein and Chad T. Brinsfield

Previous research on commitment, work attitudes, well-being, and affect has yielded many significant insights concerning the nature, interrelatedness, and implications of these important workplace phenomena. However, there is still much that is not known. Recent developments regarding the nature of the commitment construct may be an important catalyst for bringing synergy to the existing body of commitment research. These developments could also further advance understanding of how this type of workplace bond relates to other important psychological and behavioral factors in the workplace. Moreover, considering the dynamic and interactive nature of commitment with the target and environment, further examination of how commitment relates to job attitudes, well-being, and distinct forms of affect as commitment begins, strengthens, and dissipates over time will be insightful. The ideas presented in this chapter are intended to serve to stimulate research and a better understanding of the effects commitment can have on affect and related outcomes.