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John Loomis and Kreg Lindberg

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Kathrin Stemmer, Knut Veisten, Kreg Lindberg and Peter Fredman

Packaged tourism products at the destination level may provide several advantages for both tourists and service providers, but package planning, development and management require more knowledge about the increasingly diversified demand for current and potential nature-based tourism products. This study compares package attribute preferences from discrete choice experiments across three activity segments: birdwatchers in the Arctic North, mountain bikers at a skiing destination developing summer activity products, and hikers at an iconic site in Fjord Norway. Findings indicate package preference heterogeneity across and within the activity segments, and they provide a knowledge base for managers to make decisions on types of tourism products destinations should offer to increase economic and environmental sustainability in rural areas. The demand for packages and eco-certification indicated in this study may reflect an untapped potential in the current supply of NBT products and packages.

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Kreg Lindberg, Magnar Forbord and Rita Moseng Sivertsvik

Adaptation to change is one of the greatest challenges facing society today, and community resilience is an important framework for understanding how communities thrive in the face of change. This chapter provides an overview of the contribution of nature-based tourism (specifically, NBT firms) to community resilience. This contribution can occur within or across multiple dimensions: 1) economic, such as enhancing sectoral and livelihood diversity, 2) social, such as enhancing social capital, social cohesion, and community infrastructure, and 3) environmental, such as enhancing public support for conservation and providing an incentive to maintain landscapes in an undeveloped state.

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Jan Vidar Haukeland, Peter Fredman, Dominik Siegrist, Liisa Tyrväinen, Kreg Lindberg and Yasmine M. Elmahdy

Nature-based tourism is a highly dynamic sector and subject to many trends and changes. Based on a comprehensive literature review, this chapter identifies broad global changes, so-called megatrends, that affect tourism in general and NBT in particular. Data from an online panel survey with experts from five countries who were asked to recognize the most prominent nature-based tourism trends in a 10 years’ perspective, is analyzed in the light of global drivers. The chapter concludes that issues related to sustainability, health and well-being, increased specialization and segmentation are the most noticeable and recurrent trends in nature-based tourism today.