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Kristiina Joensuu, Marileena Mäkelä and Tiina Onkila

Sustainability reporting has recently faced increasing criticism. In particular, the legitimacy and accountability of the reports have been questioned. Despite these questions, there has been little further study on how stakeholders’ expectations are influenced by assumptions of a social contract. In this study we examine stakeholders’ views on sustainability reporting by applying nano-level social contract theory. Our research question is: how do stakeholder interpretations differ concerning sustainability reporting when it comes to meeting the requirements of the social contract? We interviewed representatives of internal and external stakeholders of two Finnish companies on the usability and challenges of sustainability reporting. The study constructs a typology of stakeholder expectations and the social norms influencing these expectations. The study contributes to the current literature by showing how the stakeholder expectations are contradictory, not only between different stakeholder groups, but also among individuals within those groups.

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Kristiina Mäkelä, Jakob Lauring, Christina L. Butler, Hyun-Jung Lee, Gundula Lücke, Christof Miska, Cecilia Pahlberg and Günter K. Stahl

In this chapter we suggest that globalization of businesses brings with it three new challenges that teams need to face. These include an increase in the number of internal and external stakeholders to manage; the need to interact across more and different types of boundaries; and an increasing necessity to integrate local responsiveness and global coordination. We focus on how these new globalization challenges impact teams in general and team leadership in particular, and how team leaders can make a difference by developing specific capabilities to address them.