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Owain Jones, Luci Gorell Barnes and Antony Lyons

This chapter offers a creative, exploratory, non-representational ecology of narratives about water and sound. Water is, very obviously, vital to individual and collective life of humans and non-humans. It is present in the world in an unceasing series of seepings, percolations, flows, evaporations and precipitations. These are enabled by water’s loose materiality, and consequential response to the pull of gravity, surface tension, drive of wind, and so on. Water is present on the earth in many natural forms, or bodies, such as oceans, seas, rivers, streams lakes, ponds, and also in many techo-cultural forms, such as drinking water and waste water systems, fountains, swimming pools, and combinations thereof. Water dissolves other compounds, carries material as it flows; thus it mixes, joins, assembles and disassembles. Sites such as bodies, cities and houses stand within and between inter-woven networks of such flows. And these sites are soundscapes as well as landscapes. Flowing, or moving, bodies of waters sound – they make noises, have voices. Projects on conversations with water and hydrocitizenship are drawn upon.