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Edited by Marin A. Marinov

Recently, emerging economies have contributed significantly to the world economic growth and output. This Research Handbook attempts to fill in the gap of sparse publications on marketing in emerging economies. It addresses diverse issues from a universal as well as regional and country-specific perspective, shedding light on general topics such as data collection procedure equivalence and marketing accountability, and also exploring various contexts like Central & Eastern Europe and India. Comparing the ways in which marketing is performed in emerging and advanced economies, the chapters explore various aspects including business-to-business marketing relationships, the role of multi-cultural markets in marketing and retail marketing of multinational corporations, corporate social responsibility and consumer loyalty.
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Svetla Trifonova Marinova and Marin Marinov

The chapter explores how internationalization accounted for sustained business success during the turbulent time of radical economic, political and social transformation in Eastern Europe. The study adopts a longitudinal approach to exploring the evolution of internationalization – from a partnership via an international joint venture between a company and a government, to partial acquisition and, finally, into a wholly owned subsidiary. The focus is on a case company from Central and Eastern Europe at the time when the transition process from a centrally planned economy towards a market-led economic system was under way. Dyadic and triadic relationships are investigated by applying sets of theoretical approaches to the creation of an East–West business relationship. They encompass the role of the country’s government, the management of the focal company and the foreign partner. Furthermore, the role of interactions and relationships of personal and organizational nature, as well as commitment and trust building, are in focus. The chapter charts the development of the focal company over a period of more than 20 years calling upon concepts that are intrinsic to understanding relational development and the integration of the company into global business structures.

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Dan A. Petrovici, Svetla T. Marinova and Marin A. Marinov