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Martin Trandberg Jensen

This chapter addresses the analytic prospects of audio methods in tourism research. It grows out of a critique of the reliance on textual modes of expression in research, and suggests that sensuous tourism and hospitality scholarship can be strengthened by drawing upon emergent research on soundscapes. Subsequently, the chapter makes three contributions. Firstly, it suggests that the emergence of non-representational theories will inform the development of experimental and multimodal tourism and hospitality research. Secondly, through ethnographic examples the chapter exemplifies how sonic research unfolds in practice, and discusses the analytic insights that come with such engagement with the field. Finally, growing out of this discussion, the chapter outlines a heuristic ‘sonic manifesto’ that supports the application and development of sonic research in future tourism and hospitality research.

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Phillip Vannini and Martin Trandberg Jensen

This chapter outlines the applications, values and challenges of visual methods. We tackle visuality by reflecting upon the multimodality inherent in working critically with visual methods. We reflect on how video and photography, as well as arts-based approaches, are part of a broader movement to transcend the modal limitations of writing. Moreover, we examine the performativity of visual research by discussing the failures and unexpected outcomes of visual fieldwork. Finally, the chapter reflects critically on the tools and agents of production, and dissemination of that knowledge, especially in the context of ethnographic film and video.

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Carina Ren, Szilvia Gyimóthy, Martin Trandberg Jensen, Dejan Križaj and Miha Bratec