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Stephanie Lee, Heidi Hylton Meier and Paul J. Lee

The earth and its inhabitants are suffering due to the detriments of pollution. ‘Paleoclimates’, the historic average global temperature records, have shown that global warming is increasing much faster than in the past. This chapter studies how the population and transportation of Seoul, South Korea have been the biggest causes of environmental problems. Being the second-largest metropolitan population in the world, there are many different factors of pollution that need to be addressed in order for South Korea and its inhabitants to avoid the serious detriments it could face in the future. This chapter examines the harm from air pollution, food waste pollution, and water pollution in Seoul, South Korea, and the possible solutions that can be implemented to help decrease the damage to the environment.

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Rahmat O. Tavallali and Paul J. Lee

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Paul J. Lee, Rahmat O. Tavallali, Hai Sook Kwon and John T. Geekie