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Satu Aaltonen and Elisa Akola

What is the role of trust and bridging social capital in immigrant business owners’ start-up processes? We tackle this question by interviewing immigrant business owners in Finland. The chapter applies a novel synthesis of Nahapiet and Ghoshal’s (1998) three-dimensional model of social capital and Höhmann and Malieva’s (2005) categorization of the forms of trust to case studies chosen from an original data set of 64 interviews. Incidences of both trusting and distrusting were recognized, and we identified the behavioural patterns or factors that build trust or damage it. These incidences were used to validate the combined trust and social capital framework.

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Satu Aaltonen, Robert Blackburn and Jarna Heinonen

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Tanja Lepistö, Satu Aaltonen and Ulla Hytti

This chapter focuses on co-creation between partners in a micro-firm context. It adopts a strategy-as-practice view in analysing how strategy is constructed in a dialogue between independent consultants in a partnership. The analysis identified five practices of dialoguing: (1) about the customer, (2) of who we are and what we do, (3) of varied experience and knowledge in customer co-operation, (4) of the required steps regarding the future, and (5) of the need for a customer perspective. Integration of varied expertise, expectations and interests flow from active dialogue and compromises made by the actors in strategic planning. The findings also indicate tco-strategizing in micro firms is an iterative and ongoing process that needs time and space to develop in the midst of business as usual. The practical importance of this analysis lies in providing insights for firms in relation to why and how co-strategizing can prove beneficial.