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Ulla Hytti

As a concept entrepreneurial university was evoked some 20 years ago in order for the universities to increase their societal impact. Since then important changes have taken place in the universities and their relations with the society. As such it is necessary to revisit what we already know and how the technological, environmental and social changes and the different context bring for future research questions and themes that deserve the attention of entrepreneurship scholars. Existing research adopts both an idealized view of entrepreneurial university as the desired movement as well as a more skeptical view depicting it as a move towards the ‘performative university’. It is important to further research on these different fronts as well as to develop bridges between them to envision future development of it as well as to imagine the new, alternative entrepreneurial universities.

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Edited by Ulla Hytti

This far-reaching Research Agenda highlights the main features of entrepreneurial university research over the two decades since the concept was first introduced, and examines how technological, environmental and social changes will affect future research questions and themes. It revisits existing research that tends to adopt either an idealised or a sceptical view of the entrepreneurial university, arguing for further investigation and the development of bridges between these two strands.
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Ulla Hytti, Jarna Heinonen and Pekka Stenholm

This chapter introduces a course organized as part of the transferable skills curriculum of the graduate school programme. The course is unique in applying the experiential learning method in a short PhD course. The participating PhD students come from different disciplines in the seven faculties at the University of Turku. The course provides an introduction to entrepreneurial thinking and action. It covers a ten-hour learning camp and a two-hour wrap-up session after the camp as well as related pre-readings. Between the sessions, the participants write a reflective learning diary. Based on our analysis of the learning diaries and observations during the camp, the students’ learning outcomes vary between (1) learning about entrepreneurship; (2) recognizing their own learning needs; (3) understanding the role of action; (4) teams in entrepreneurship; (5) transforming problems into solutions; and (6) doing identity work. The chapter underlines the need for subsequent reflection as essential for learning.

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Edited by Ulla Hytti, Robert Blackburn and Eddy Laveren

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Ulla Hytti, Robert Blackburn and Eddy Laveren

This chapter introduces the book and its contributions by connecting them to broader discussions and debates in the European entrepreneurship research scene.