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Vittorio Mete

This chapter focuses on the relationship between mafias and local politics in Italy over the last 25 years. It provides an overview of local councils that have been disbanded due tomafia infiltration, in relation to who is governing nationally and their territorial disposition. It then shows the various reasons behind the necessity to disband councils, what happens when the council is being managed by state commissioners, and what occurs when the council returns to its ‘normal’ administration. In particular, councils in the North of Italy which are not normally considered ‘traditional’ mafia territory are discussed. This chapter thus offers a picture of the infiltration of local councils by mafias in Italy, and the state’s response.

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Graziana Corica and Vittorio Mete

This chapter documents and analyses the diverse presence and activities of the Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta in Emilia Romagna, another rich region of Italy’s north. Although law enforcement, media and scholarly attention to mafia infiltration in this area has been much less intensive than in Lombardy, this chapter presents data demonstrating the clear presence of mafia-type organised crime in the region for several decades. The analysis first explores why the situation in Emilia Romagna has attracted less attention than elsewhere. It then provides an overview of mafia activities, paying special attention to the past two decades. Finally, it focuses on a branch of the ‘Ndrangheta that has been active there on and off for over 40 years. Adopting an analytical framework proposed by Rocco Sciarrone, it thereby offers an analysis of the past, the present and possible future scenarios.