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Yu Wenxuan

Legislation plays an important role in biodiversity conservation in China, it includes: constitutional provisions; biodiversity-related laws; regulations; rules; and normative documents. The content of all these biodiversity conservation laws include the following aspects: ecosystem protection and conservation; natural reserves; utilization of wild animals and plants; management of germ plasm; management of traditional Chinese medicine species; new varieties management; and quarantine. Existing legislation provides an important legal basis for biodiversity management, but it needs to be improved in its objectives, legislative integration, legal regimes and legislative progress. To meet these challenges, further legislation needs to clearly define the objectives, form an integrated legal system, and, most important of all, make the legal regimes more specific and detailed.

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Yu Wenxuan and Chen Shiyin

The Law on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution (2000) is the special law on air pollution prevention and other relevant Regulations and Rules were enacted according to this Law. These constitute the legal system for providing clean air in China. The main contents of this chapter include: supervision and management; pollution caused by coal; pollution caused by vehicles and vessels; exhausted gases, dusts and fetors; pollution caused by straw burning; ozone layer protection; energy saving and emissions reduction; and environmental standards. Some special measures are provided to solving the problem of air pollution. This clean air legal system, however, needs to be improved in regulatory scope, in its consistency with other environmental protection laws, the liabilities and environmental management approaches, such as market-based approaches and public involvement.

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Wenxuan Yu, Jingjing Liu and Po Dong