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Law and Regulation


FinTech has developed rapidly in recent years, and with these developments new challenges arise, particularly for regulators: how do you apply current law to these ever-changing concepts in a world of continual technological advancement?
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Geoffrey Yeowart, Robin Parsons, Edward Murray and Hamish Patrick

This book is the first of its kind to offer a systematic examination of the whole law relating to financial collateral. It does so in two parts. First, it explains the law created by the Financial Collateral Arrangements (No 2) Regulations 2003, the Directive it implemented and related legislation. Second, it examines how financial collateral is used in practice in a range of different markets. It will be an essential reference point for all legal practitioners operating in financial markets.
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Iris H.-Y. Chiu, Michael McKee, Anna P. Donovan, Rod Edmunds, Andreas Kokkinis, John Lowry, Marc T. Moore and Arad Reisberg

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Edward Walker-Arnott

This chapter will deal with the role and composition of boards of banks in five sections. Section 1 will set out the relevant company law. Section 2 will address the relevant principles of corporate governance and their expression in the UK Code of Corporate Governance. Section 3 will cover the regulatory overlay deriving from the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Section 4 will assess the various reviews of the banking failures of 2007/8 and what has been learnt that is relevant to the topic. Section 5 will consider what, in the light of the reviews, might or should change in the future.