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Edited by Sheila Shaver

Providing a state of the art overview, this comprehensive Handbook is an essential introduction to the subject of Gender and Social Policy. Bringing together original contributions and research from leading researchers it covers the theoretical perspectives of the field, the central policy terrain of gender inequalities of income, employment and care, and family policy. Examining gender and social policy at both the regional and national level, the Handbook is an excellent resource for advanced students and scholars of sociology, political science, women’s studies, policy studies as well as practitioners seeking to understand how gender shapes the contours of social policy and politics.
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Edited by Juanita Elias and Adrienne Roberts

This Handbook brings together leading interdisciplinary scholarship on the gendered nature of the international political economy. Spanning a wide range of theoretical traditions and empirical foci, it explores the multifaceted ways in which gender relations constitute and are shaped by global politico-economic processes. It further interrogates the gendered ideologies and discourses that underpin everyday practices from the local to the global. The chapters in this collection identify, analyse, critique and challenge gender-based inequalities, whilst also highlighting the intersectional nature of gendered oppressions in the contemporary world order.
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Juanita Elias and Adrienne Roberts

feminist ‘wave’ can be so easily written off/fall out of fashion.4 Jaquette asks that we consider the place of a liberal feminist theory within IPE, for example, in terms of how we think about concepts such as democracy, human rights, equality and the public/private divide. Of particular interest is the liberal feminist critique of essentialized notions of household labour that often emerge in feminist writings on care – suggesting that the pursuit of equality requires the complete eradication of the Columns Design XML Ltd / Job: Elias-Roberts-Handbook_on_international_political_economy_of