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Apurva Bakshi and Ravi Kiran

Months ( Columbus, 1995 ). Those readers who have watched both the films would agree that the delivery scene at the climax of Salaam Namaste was almost a replica of the same scene in Nine Months . Watching the recent Bollywood blockbuster Barfi! provided a similar sense of déjà vu , only that feeling of recalling a particular foreign film was encountered much, much more often. THE CASE OF BARFI! India's official entry to the Oscars in the Foreign Language Film category in 2012 was a film called Barfi! It was one of the rare films of 2012 to achieve both

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Edited by Johanna Gibson and Lord Hoffmann

industry, Apurva Bakshi and Ravi Kiran look at the creative and indeed commercial aspects of plagiarism in Bollywood and the potential for copyright to alter the dynamics and ideologies of the industry itself. In this very useful analysis piece, the authors provide numerous examples from Bollywood cinema and analyses the famous Barfi! in detail. How does the use of Hollywood, as it were, shape the identity, integrity and indeed risibility of Bollywood? Use in a digital environment is an evolutionary, revolutionary and volatile abstraction. In this context, Gemma Minero