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Carl Bruch and John Broderick

Contents II.2.1 Overview of international law and processes II.2.1.1 Treaties II.2.1.2 Customary international law II.2.1.3 Soft law II.2.1.4 International administrative law II.2.1.5 Voluntary binding agreements II.2.2 Trends II.2.2.1 Globalization and harmonization II.2.2.2 Integration and linkages II.2.2.3 Rise of non-State actors II.2.2.4 Greater implementation, compliance, and enforcement II.2.3 Conclusion II.2.1 Overview of international law and processes International law is founded on

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International Law and Freshwater

The Multiple Challenges

Edited by Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Christina Leb and Mara Tignino

International Law and Freshwater connects recent legal developments through the breadth and synergies of a multidisciplinary analysis. It addresses such critical issues as water security, the right to water, international cooperation and dispute resolution, State succession to transboundary watercourse treaties, and facets of international economic law, including trade in ‘virtual water’ and the impacts of ‘land grabs’.
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Adrien K. Wing

JOBNAME: EE10 West PAGE: 2 SESS: 4 OUTPUT: Fri Dec 14 08:41:56 2018 24. International law and feminism Adrien K. Wing This chapter provides an overview of the intersection between international law and feminism. It predominantly discusses scholarly writing, but also some major documents and institutions. The US has been notoriously narrow in its understanding of and respect for international law. It is not a required course in most law schools, and American courts often refuse to acknowledge relevant international law at all. This myopia has extended to US

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Concepts for International Law

Contributions to Disciplinary Thought

Edited by Jean d’Aspremont and Sahib Singh

Concepts shape how we understand and participate in international legal affairs. They are an important site for order, struggle and change. This comprehensive and authoritative volume introduces a large number of concepts that have shaped, at various points in history, international legal practice and thought; intimates at how the many projects of international law have grappled with, and influenced, the world through certain concepts; and introduces new concepts into the discipline.
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Global Private International Law

Adjudication without Frontiers

Edited by Horatia Muir Watt, Lucia Bíziková, Agatha Brandão de Oliveira and Diego P. Fernandez Arroyo

Providing a unique and clearly structured tool, this book presents an authoritative collection of carefully selected global case studies. Some of these are considered global due to their internationally relevant subject matter, whilst others demonstrate the blurring of traditional legal categories in an age of accelerated cross-border movement. The study of the selected cases in their political, cultural, social and economic contexts sheds light on the contemporary transformation of law through its encounter with conflicting forms of normativity and the multiplication of potential fora.
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Frans von der Dunk

JOBNAME: von der Dunk PAGE: 1 SESS: 7 OUTPUT: Thu Jan 22 14:14:17 2015 2. International space law Frans von der Dunk 2.1 INTRODUCTION 2.1.1 International Space Law as a Branch of Public International Law International space law is usually defined as a branch of general (public) international law, a subset of rules, rights and obligations of states within the latter specifically related to outer space and activities in or with respect to that realm.1 Public international law in turn is usually defined 1 See M. Lachs, The Law of Outer Space (reprint 2010), 11

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Valentina Vadi

Proportionality, Reasonableness and Standards of Review in International Investment Law and Arbitration 1.    International investment law as a field of international law Introduction Once deemed to be an ‘exotic and highly specialised’ domain, 1 international investment law is now moving mainstream. 2 Due to economic globalization and the rise of foreign direct investments, the regulation of the field has become a key area of international law. Under international investment agreements (IIAs), states parties agree to provide a certain degree of

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Edited by Kim Talus

International energy law is an elusive but important concept. There is no body of law called ‘international energy law’, nor is there any universally accepted definition for it, yet many specialised areas of international law have a direct relationship with energy policy. The Research Handbook on International Energy Law examines various aspects of international energy law and offers a comprehensive account of its basic concepts and processes.
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Edited by Eugene Kontorovich and Francesco Parisi

Through original and incisive contributions from leading scholars, this book applies economics and other rational choice methods to understanding public international law. The chapters cover a range of topics, from the sources of international law to means of enforcement. The application of economic analysis to public international law is still in its early stages, and Economic Analysis of International Law provides a useful overview, as well as setting directions for new research.
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Edited by Stephan W. Schill, Christian J. Tams and Rainer Hofmann

Historiographical approaches in international investment law scholarship are becoming ever more important. This insightful book combines perspectives from a range of expert international law scholars who explore ways in which using a broad variety of methods in historical research can lead to a better understanding of international investment law.