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Sustainable Development Drivers

The Role of Leadership in Government, Business and NGO Performance

Edited by Kees Zoeteman

Sustainable development cannot be prescribed – rather, it results from conscious personal choices in government, business and NGOs. This thought-provoking book explores both the origins and future of the global sustainable development movement, and provides an original overview of the driving forces of sustainable development, including market forces and past and future trends.
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Edited by Giles Atkinson, Simon Dietz, Eric Neumayer and Matthew Agarwala

This timely and important Handbook takes stock of progress made in our understanding of what sustainable development actually is and how it can be measured and achieved.
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Modelling Sustainable Development

Transitions to a Sustainable Future

Edited by Valentina Bosetti, Reyer Gerlagh and Stefan P. Schleicher

This insightful book explores the issue of sustainable development in its more operative and applied sense. Although a great deal of research has addressed potential interpretations and definitions of sustainable development, much of this work is too abstract to offer policy-makers and researchers the feasible and effective guidelines they require. This book redresses the balance.
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Sustainable Development in Organizations

Studies on Innovative Practices

Edited by Mattias Elg, Per- Erik Ellström, Magnus Klofsten and Malin Tillmar

An increasingly competitive environment can lead to considerable problems for many organizations as they struggle to adapt to change. As a result, they fail to create the conditions that can lead to sustainable development over the long term, thus affecting the capabilities of employees. This book provides a fresh perspective on sustainable change and development in organizations, as well as a critical perspective on lean implementation, work environment and sustainability.
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Tahmina Karimova

JOBNAME: Breau PAGE: 1 SESS: 8 OUTPUT: Mon Aug 1 15:17:32 2016 9. Sustainable development and disasters Tahmina Karimova 1. INTRODUCTION Over the last ten-year period, as a result of disasters, more than 700,000 people have lost their lives, over 1.4 million have been injured and approximately 23 million have been left homeless, with more than 1.5 billion people affected by disasters in various ways.1 It has been estimated that the total economic loss has exceeded USD 1.3 trillion.2 This statistical data helps to bring the developmental impact of the problem

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Sustainable Development Goals

Law, Theory and Implementation

Edited by Duncan French and Louis J. Kotzé

Building on the previously established Millennium Development Goals, which ran from 2000-2015, the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the UN with a roadmap for development until 2030. This topical book explores the associated legal and normative implications of these SDGs, which in themselves are not legally binding.
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Ebru Genç and C. Anthony Di Benedetto

11.  Sustainable new product development Ebru Genç and C. Anthony Di Benedetto 11.1 INTRODUCTION International conventions about environmental protection, such as the Kyoto Protocol in 2005 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002, increased sensitivity about the natural environment among governments and societies throughout the world (Stern Report 2006). As a result, companies are exposed to a variety of pressures to respond to environmental issues. Some of these pressures come from stricter environmental standards. Others involve community

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Mustafa Dinc

3. Sustainability and development Environmental degradation is a global phenomenon with immense local implications. It has come to the attention of local, regional, national and international institutions over the past fifty years (Williams, 1998) due to the increasing levels of pollution and deforestation. The initial concerns about pollution and depletion of natural resources have subsequently resulted in adaptation of the concept of sustainability. Local and regional communities face grave environmental and sustainability problems resulting from unrestrained

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Joyeeta Gupta

JOBNAME: Kloosterman PAGE: 1 SESS: 7 OUTPUT: Mon Oct 15 12:54:18 2018 6. Globalization and sustainable development Joyeeta Gupta INTRODUCTION In writing this chapter, I kept remembering the old limerick: There was a young lady of Niger, Who went for a ride on a tiger, They returned from the ride, With the lady inside, and a smile on the face of the tiger. The global adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (UNGA, 2015) is akin to an attempt to tame the processes of globalization. The SDGs are the young lady of Niger and the question is whether she

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Katalin Sulyok

I. Introduction [1] Sustainable development is a paradigmatic concept in international environmental governance, promoting the ideal of a just balancing between environmental, social, economic and developmental interests. The most influential phase of the concept was in the 1990s, when it guided international negotiations, spurred policy proposals and legislation in many areas, particularly in the environmental field. However, due to the inherent vagueness of this concept, the decades since then have seen significant gaps in implementation, a haphazard