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The primary goal of this book is to improve the level and success of innovation in public services by developing and applying an integrated model of public sector service innovation that includes culture as a key element. As a test of our primary hypothesis, and as a contribution to current public policy, we have developed and applied such a model to one case, the subject of in-home care services for independent living – the ability of seniors and others with disabilities to live in their own homes with medical and social support. Public services, whether funded and/or managed by government or the private sector, are an important and growing part of all advanced societies. Populations are becoming older: by 2050, the number of older persons (65 years and older) in the world will exceed the number of young for the first time in history (Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, 2001). With this dramatic growth in population will come an unprecedented demand for health and social services. This is a global phenomenon, with its greatest impact today in the developed world, but growing in the developing world as well.