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The Institutional Evolution of China

Government vs Market

Fan Zhang

China’s experience over the past decades is not just a story of economic growth, it is also one of institutional change. The current political-economic system is a bureaucratic market system, in which the government and the market both coexist and conflict with each other. This book gives a detailed description of the institutional evolution in China, using large amounts of documents and cases. The book provides a theory explaining the origin of China’s reform, the political and economic forces driving the reform, and the reasoning behind the stagnation and turn-over of reform.
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Fan Zhang

I would like to thank many researchers in the field with whom I discussed relevant topics, including Dr Wen Guanzhong, Dr Zheng Yongnian, Dr Li Lixing, Dr Xi Tianyang, Dr Tao Ran, Mr Fan Dongsheng, Dr Yin Hongbiao, Dr Zhang Weiying, and anonymous reviewers. I would like to thank Alex Pettifer, who invited me to write this book three years ago when we walked together at the campus of Peking University, and Professor Claude Ménard for his time and effort in editing the manuscript of this book. I would also like to thank Mr Edward Elgar, under whose support I finished my first book in English, China’s Urbanization and the World Economy. Thanks to Tori Nicols, Emily Mew, Rachel Downie, Harry Fabian, David Adams, Kaitlin Gray, and Ellen Pearce, all from Edward Elgar Publishing, for helping me finish the process of editing and improving the text.

I would like to thank Lisa Zhang, who did a close-read edit of the drafts of this book during the hot summer days of 2017. I would also like to thank my research assistants at Peking University, Liu Jiajia, Zheng Yawen, Bi Jiachuan, Dong Ye, Huang Tianyu, and Lv Kaichen, for their excellent work. Finally, I owe a great debt to my wife, Li Yuping, for her continued support of my work.