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Secession in International Law

A New Framework

Milena Sterio

Secession in International Law argues that the effective development of criteria on secession is a necessity in today’s world, because secessionist struggles can be analyzed through the legal lens only if we have specific legal rules to apply. Without legal rules, secessionist struggles are dominated by politics and sui generis approaches, which validate secessionist attempts based on geo-politics and regional states’ self-interest, as opposed to the law. By using a truly comparative approach, Milena Sterio has developed a normative international law framework on secession, which focuses on several factors to assess the legitimacy of a separatist quest.
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Milena Sterio

It is a pleasure to acknowledge the advice, input, and assistance that I have received in the writing of this book.

Work on the book has been funded by research grants from my academic institution, the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. The book is the result of longstanding support provided to me by the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law over the past eleven years. In particular, I have received assistance and support from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library, as well as from my research assistant, Diana Nassar, who has been unfailingly helpful with all the chapters in this book. Moreover, I have sought the advice, and have benefited from the insights, of my colleagues at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on various arguments presented throughout this book.

The book also benefited from the comments of participants at the American Society of International Law Research Forum 2016, the American Society of International Law–Midwest Interest Group Annual Workshop 2016, and the Law and Society Annual Meeting 2016, at which I presented earlier drafts of this book’s various chapters.

Above all, I am grateful to my family: my husband, Frederic Girault, and my children, Luca, Lara, and Elena, to whom this book is dedicated. Their understanding and unconditional support have been an inspiration throughout this process. I thank them with the fullest heart imaginable.