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Gambling Regulation and Vulnerability

Malgorzata A. Carran

Since the UK Gambling Act of 2005 was introduced, gambling has stopped being seen, politically and legally as an inherent vice and is now viewed as a legitimate form of entertainment. Gambling Regulation and Vulnerability explores the laws around gambling that aim to protect society and individuals, examining the differences between regulatory rhetoric and the impact of legislative and regulatory measures. Malgorzata Carran finds that although the Gambling Act introduced many positive changes to gambling regulation, it has created an environment in which protection of vulnerable individuals becomes difficult. Carran challenges the existing legislative premise that regulation alone is able to balance the effect of liberalisation for those who are vulnerable.
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Malgorzata A. Carran

This book is based on the research that I carried out as part of my PhD that was funded by the Responsible Gambling Trust (now GambleAware) for whose support I am particularly grateful. A substantial part of this book would not have been possible without the support of schools in the area of London and Kent that allowed me to carry out focus groups with their pupils. Special thanks are therefore directed to those schools that were able to accommodate my request and to the pupils themselves whose enthusiasm and willingness to discuss controversial topics has been inspiring. I would also like to thank my PhD supervisors and colleagues for their helpful comments, the industry members, the Gambling Commission and the ASA, for discussing with me several aspects of this book.

A special thanks and expression of gratitude must go to my parents, my husband and my children for their never-ending patience and support.

All errors are exclusively mine.