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A Research Agenda for Shrinking Cities

Justin B. Hollander

This prescient book presents the intellectual terrain of shrinking cities while exploring the key research questions in each of the field’s sub-domains and reviewing the range of methodologies within these topics.
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Justin B. Hollander

This book owes much to the support and encouragement of a broad network of friends, colleagues, and family members. First, there are my colleagues in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning (UEP) at Tufts University: Julian Agyeman, Rachel Bratt, Mary Davis, Michael Flanary, Laurie Goldman, Rob Hollister, Lorlene Hoyt, Fran Jacobs, James Jennings, Shelly Krimsky, Penn Loh, Maria Nicolau, Barbara Parmenter, Ann Rappaport, Shomon Shamsuddin, Sumeeta Srinivasan, Jon Witten, and Weiping Wu. Beyond UEP, I have also enjoyed great support from colleagues across the Tufts campus; special thanks go to Bob Cook, Jackie Dejean, James Glaser, Susan Morrison, Monica Pontes, Donna Tyson, and Jeff Zabel. Graduate and undergraduate students at Tufts provided inspiration and invaluable research assistance on this book, including Hanna Carr, Rachel Klein, Max Lalanne, Alexandra Purdy, and Shuning Wang. This book owes much to Michael R. Greenberg, Frank Popper and Maxx Hartt.

Special thanks go to Matt Pitman and the staff at Elgar for their pursuit and support of this project.

Most of all I offer my deepest appreciation to my family for helping make this book a reality.