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Energy Security, Trade and the EU

Regional and International Perspectives

Rafael Leal-Arcas, Costantino Grasso and Juan Alemany Ríos

Energy security is a burning issue in a world where 1.4 billion people still have no access to electricity. This book is about finding solutions for energy security through the international trading system. Focusing mainly on the European Union as a case study, this holistic and comprehensive analysis of the existing legal and geopolitical instruments strives to identify the shortcomings of the international and EU energy trade governance systems, concluding with the notion of a European Energy Union and what the EU is politically prepared to accept as part of its unified energy security.
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Rafael Leal-Arcas, Costantino Grasso and Juan Alemany Ríos

This book is the product of a joint venture. I am therefore very grateful to my co-authors Costantino Grasso and Juan Alemany Ríos for uniting efforts to make this project a reality. I am also very grateful to Mariya Peykova, Tathagata Choudhury, Malakee Makhoul, Jan Schmitz, Valentina Caruso and Raphaela Leupuscek for their research input at various stages of the writing of this book.

I was fortunate enough to serve as a fellow at the Energy Community Secretariat during the final stages of this book. That experience enabled me to see first hand the intricacies of EU energy security policymaking. I thank my colleagues at the Energy Community Secretariat for inviting me to be part of their home and for the feedback I received regarding the substance and structure of this project.

The thematic scope of this book brings together various legal, economic and policy aspects of energy security and trade at the European and international levels. My previous books have been on international economic law and governance broadly defined: Theory and Practice of EC External Trade Law and Policy (Cameron May, 2008); International Trade and Investment Law: Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Governance (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010); Climate Change and International Trade (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013) and International Energy Governance: Selected Legal Issues (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014). This time around, the book looks at all these aspects from the perspective of energy security.


Note for the reader: As is the case with legal research, at one point one needs to draw a line, since there are constant developments in law and policymaking, especially in an area as politically charged as that of energy security and its ramifications. Therefore, the cut-off date for this book was December 2015. Any new developments in legislation, case law or policy related to the theme of this book after that date have not been included.

Rafael Leal-Arcas

London and Washington, DC, December 2015