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Islamic Education in the United States and the Evolution of Muslim Nonprofit Institutions

Sabith Khan and Shariq Siddiqui

This book is a novel and ambitious attempt to map the Muslim American nonprofit sector: its origins, growth and impact on American society. Using theories from the fields of philanthropy, public administration and data gathered from surveys and interviews, the authors make a compelling case for the Muslim American nonprofit sector’s key role in America. They argue that in a time when Islamic schools are grossly misunderstood, there is a need to examine them closely, for the landscape of these schools is far more complex than meets the eye.
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Sabith Khan and Shariq Siddiqui

For ease of use, we have translated some of the commonly used Arabic words. For more exact terminology please refer to

Black AmericanAnother term for African American
FatwaA ruling on a point of Islamic law
Iftar Breaking of the fast during Ramadhan. It also could refer to the meal during Iftar
IjtihadUse of reason to arrive at a knowledge of truth in religious matters
ImamPrayer leader of a mosque
Juma’ahFriday prayer
Masjid Mosque
MaslahaPublic welfare
Qur’anThe Holy book of the Muslims. Believed to have been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad
SadaqaVoluntary giving of charity
UmmahThe Muslim community or brotherhood. While some scholars have included all the people of the book (Jews, Christians and Muslims), others have translated it to include all living creatures including plants and animals
ZakatThe mandated charity that is to be given by Muslims (roughly translates into 2.5 percent of one’s excess wealth). Usually given out during the month of Ramadhan