Becoming America
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I wish to convey my gratitude to the administration of Whittier College for their continued funding of my research efforts. Specifically, I owe thanks to Darrin Good, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs, for his support and continued guidance, and I am grateful to our College President, Sharon Herzberger, for appointing me as the Douglas W. Ferguson Chair in International Economics. Accordingly, I wish to acknowledge the generous research support provided by the Ferguson Chair. I would be remiss if I did not mention two of my students, DaEun Lee ‘18 and Shane Francis ‘16. Both DaEun and Shane provided outstanding research support during the completion of this project. Funding support for student research assistants, provided by the John A. Murdy Chair in Business and Economics, is gratefully acknowledged. I also benefitted from Shane’s efforts and hard work when he and I co-authored a chapter in International Migration: Politics, Policies, and Practices (Stephens, 2016) that is related to the topic covered here. Lastly, very special thanks are in order to Michelle Espaldon for her friendship, patience, and loving support, and to Scout for continuing to be her usual wonderful self.