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Law and Evil

The Evolutionary Perspective

Wojciech Załuski

Law and Evil presents an alternative evolutionary picture of man, focusing on the origins and nature of human evil, and demonstrating its useful application in legal-philosophical analyses. Using this representation of human nature, Wojciech Załuski analyses the development of law, which he interprets as moving from evolutionary ethics to genuine ethics, as well as arguing in favour of metaethical realism and ius naturale.
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Wojciech Załuski


1     The double ambivalence of human nature

1   The evolutionary view of human nature: neither pessimistic nor optimistic

2   Immoral tendencies

3   Neutral tendencies

4   Moral tendencies: evolutionary ethics

5   Evolutionary ethics and the necessity to overcome it

6   Instead of a summary: on similarities between the evolutionary account of evil and the Christian and Kantian accounts

2     Progress in law: towards genuine ethics

1   From evolutionary ethics to genuine ethics

2   The double ambivalence of human nature and the progress in law

3   Progress towards moral egalitarianism

4   More specific directions of progress

5   Grounds for (restrained) optimism

3     Evolution, metaethics and the natural law

1   Evolutionary theory and the content of legal and moral rules

2   An overview of metaethical views

3   An evolutionary argument for non-naturalist moral realism

4   The first metaethical argument for ius-naturalism

5   The second metaethical argument for ius-naturalism

Epilogue: evil and metaphysics