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Automated and Autonomous Spatial Mobilities

Aharon Kellerman

This ground-breaking book explores a rapidly developing aspect of contemporary life: automated and autonomous spatial mobilities and their social and urban implications. Presenting a wide-ranging discussion on autonomous vehicle (AV) development and its future adoption, this highly topical book points to the emergence of autonomously mobile cities and the new mobility landscapes they will present. Academics, as well as practitioners, in the fields of mobility, transportation, urban planning, geography and sociology will find this an essential read.
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Aharon Kellerman

3Gthird generation
AGVautomated guided vehicle
AISautomated identification system
ARTSautomated road transport systems
ATautomatic transmission
ATCair traffic control
AVautonomous vehicle
CBDcentral business district
CTCcentralized traffic control
EUEuropean Union
FAAFederal Aviation Agency/Administration
FALCfully automated luxury communism
GPSglobal positioning systems
I2Vinfrastructure to vehicle
IMOInternational Maritime Organization
ITinformation technology
LoAlevels of automation
PTCpositive train control
R&Dresearch and development
UTAUTunified theory of acceptance and use of technology
V2Ivehicle to infrastructure
V2Vvehicle to vehicle
V2Xvehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to vehicle
VTSvessel traffic services
Wi-Fiwireless fidelity
WTPwillingness to pay