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Automated and Autonomous Spatial Mobilities

Aharon Kellerman

This ground-breaking book explores a rapidly developing aspect of contemporary life: automated and autonomous spatial mobilities and their social and urban implications. Presenting a wide-ranging discussion on autonomous vehicle (AV) development and its future adoption, this highly topical book points to the emergence of autonomously mobile cities and the new mobility landscapes they will present. Academics, as well as practitioners, in the fields of mobility, transportation, urban planning, geography and sociology will find this an essential read.
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Aharon Kellerman

1.1  Milestones in the development of automation and autonomous operations technologies towards the introduction of AVs
1.2  Automation phases in transportation and communications
1.3  The four industrial revolutions and the automation of mobility systems
2.1  Personal freedom in personal and public mobilities
2.2  Percentage of passenger cars with automatic transmission sold in Europe, 2001–2015
3.1  Milestones in the development of technologies for road traffic control
3.2  Milestones in the development of train traffic control
3.3  Milestones in the development of air traffic control
3.4  Milestones in the development of marine traffic control
3.5  Mobility modes by year of invention and the beginnings of traffic control and its automation
4.1  Milestones in the development of electric rapid transit
4.2  Levels of metro automation and autonomy
4.3  Milestones in the development of autopilots for airplanes
4.4  Milestones in the development of autopilots for ships
5.1  Milestones in the automation of fixed and mobile telephones
5.2  Milestones in the development of the Internet
5.3  Attractions for virtual co-presence and their aspects
5.4  Percentage of people pursuing daily activities online in the US
6.1  Milestones in the automation of cars
6.2  Levels of automation in car driving/operation
6.3  Comparative mobility aspects for human-driven cars and AVs
7.1  Comparative spatial aspects for human-driven cars and AVs
8.1  Automation and autonomy status for mobility media and their controls
8.2  Levels of automation and autonomous operation for mobility media and their traffic controls