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Legal Conversation as Signifier

Jan M. Broekman and Frank Fleerackers

Conversation and argument concerning laws and legal situations take place throughout society and at all levels, yet the language of these conversations differs greatly from that of the courtroom. This insightful book considers the gap between everyday discussion about law and the artificial, technical language developed by lawyers, judges and other legal specialists. In doing so, it explores the intriguing possibilities for future synthesis, a problem often neglected by legal theory.
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Jan M. Broekman and Frank Fleerackers


1    Thoughts backing speech

1.1    Law

1.2    Talking

1.3    Thinking

1.4    Judging

1.5    Interactivity

1.6    Language

1.7    Consciousness

1.8    Naturalness

1.9    Interaction

1.10  Natural law


2    Legal practice stalks the brain


2.1    Stalking the brain

2.2    Cases and casuistry

2.3    Casuistic and practical

2.4    Casuistry discourse

2.5    Discourse and the narrative


3    Compliance and the radical

3.1    Law, a discordant discourse

3.2    A mental state

3.3    Interaction and the radical


4    On Hermes Avenue

4.1    Streets, names

4.2    Streets, signifiers

4.3    Streets, stones and spaces