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From Chasing Violations to Managing Risks

Origins, Challenges and Evolutions in Regulatory Inspections

Florentin Blanc

Florentin Blanc focuses specifically on regulatory inspections and enforcement, their historical development, contrasted approaches and methods, and their relative effectiveness in achieving regulatory objectives. Inspections aimed at verifying compliance with regulations are one of the most significant activities of modern states in terms of the number of staff employed or of people affected, and one of the most visible ones – but have long remained relatively under-researched, or at least not considered "as such".
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Florentin Blanc

List of figures

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List of abbreviations and acronyms

1       Introduction

1.1  Risk-based inspections: more effective and efficient?

1.2  Prior research and sources

1.3  Structure of the book

1.4  Limitations in scope

2     Inspections, risks and circumstances: historical development, diversity of structures and practices

2.1  Controlling compliance, controlling safety – the early history

2.2  The emergence and development of modern inspectorates

2.3  Conclusions and relevance

3     Theoretical underpinnings: costs and effectiveness, compliance drivers, discretion issues, risk and regulation

3.1  Regulation: uses, costs and effects – a brief overview

3.2  Promoting compliance, improving outcomes: models, drivers, methods and issues

3.3  Risk and regulation – definitions, debates and issues

4       Inspections and enforcement: a view from the practice

4.1  Comparing OSH inspections in Britain, Germany and France – risk-based approaches yielding results?

4.2  Post-Soviet and Post-Communist experiences

4.3  OSH inspections in the US – rigid approach, small resources, inconclusive studies

5       Conclusion

5.1  Main findings

5.2  Data and methods

5.3  Limits and downsides of inspections

5.4  Inspections and trust

5.5  Closing remarks

Note on sources