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Islamic International Law

Historical Foundations and Al-Shaybani’s Siyar

Khaled R. Bashir

In this work, Khaled Ramadan Bashir presents and discusses the precise nature of Mohammad Al-Shaybnai’s contribution to Siyar (Islamic International Law). He compares his work to other great contributions on international law made by renowned scholars including Augustine, Gratian, Aquinas, Vitoria and Grotius. Bashir affirms the view that Al-Shaybnai made a major contribution to the field of International law, which was unparalleled until Grotius wrote The Law of War and Peace. To date, Al-Shaybnai’s Siyar is still a cornerstone of the Islamic perspective of international law.
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Khaled R. Bashir

I am grateful to my grandparents for their immeasurable favours upon me.

I am also grateful to:

•   Professor Anthony Carty who encouraged me, made valuable comments and gave great support. He was most caring and always supportive;

•   Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl to whom I am grateful for writing the foreword and for his support and encouragement (University of California, Los Angeles);

•   Professor Jean Allain who generously offered valuable comments on the first two chapters (Monash University);

•   Associate Professor Marie-Luisa Frick who kindly wrote an endorsement for this book (University of Innsbruck);

•   Associate Prof. Mohd Hisham Mohd Kamal (International Islamic University Malaysia);

•   Dr Rohimi Shapiee (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia);

•   Professor Peter Duff (University of Aberdeen);

•   Dr Zeray Yihdego (University of Aberdeen);

•   Professor Robin Evans-Jones (University of Aberdeen);

•   The Very Reverend Nicholas Coulton and Professor Nigel Biggar (Christ Church, Oxford);

•   Imam Mohammad Almahdi Shari-Aldeen (Al-Azhar Mosque);

•   Professor Ahmed Abou-El-wafa (Cairo University); and

•   Sheikh Wahbah Alzuhalili, the great scholar (University of Damascus).

Thanks also go to all members of my family and my friends who have always been supportive and encouraging; they will always be valued and loved, and no thanks could be enough for their care, patience and support.

I am also grateful for the support, care and attention of the wonderful team at Edward Elgar.

Thank you all!