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Varieties of Green Business

Industries, Nations and Time

Geoffrey Jones

This book provides rich new empirical evidence on green business as it examines its variation between industries and nations, and over time. It demonstrates the deep historical origins of endeavors to create for-profit businesses that were more responsible and sustainable, but also how these strategies have faced constraints, trade-offs and challenges of legitimacy. Based on extensive interviews and archives from around the world, the book asks why green business succeeds more in some contexts than others, and draws lessons from failure as well as success.
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Geoffrey Jones

3.1    Major US oil company investments in solar energy, 1970–83

3.2    US PV solar production, 1976–95

3.3    PV solar manufacturer rankings and world market share, 1988

4.1    Founding members of the GABV, 2009

4.2    Microfinance in emerging markets, 2008

5.1    Organic food markets in New Zealand and selected countries, 1997 and 2014

5.2    Percentage producer support estimates for selected OECD countries

5.3    Organic farming in New Zealand and selected countries, 1999 and 2014

5.4    Food exports in New Zealand, 1991–2000 (NZ $million)

5.5    Distribution of retail sales of organic food in selected countries, 1998 (%)

6.1    Global “organic wine” market, 2003–17

6.2    Maximum sulfite use by wine category, 2017

7.1    Ecotourism enterprises in Costa Rica, 1975–93

8.1    Selected national parks in Argentina and Chile, created or expanded by the Conservation Land Trust and Conservación Patagónica

8.2    Estimated impact of protected areas on atmospheric carbon dioxide

8.3    Select examples of Patagonia’s environmental initiatives and impact